Why Sunscreen Is Crucial Beyond Summer

You’ll never hear us suggesting sunscreen seasonally. We live by the rule: ‘The only time you don’t need sunscreen – is when you need a flashlight.’

Skin care rule? Yes. At least for those obsessed with glowing and healthy skin. Plus, a plethora of dermatologists and estheticians – holistic and conventional alike – suggest daily use. read more


Thrive: An environmentally conscious lifestyle guide to better health and true wealth


We are beyond honored to be mentioned in this (team favorite!) book. Crack it open, and you’ll find fresh and insightful points on true forms of wealth including health, mindfulness and personal happiness. We love that it’s an easy read, yet well-researched, all while keeping us engaged and interested for more. This may or may not be round two! You need this on your bedside table, #leVERTbeauties! read more


LeVert Beauty + Cosmo UK


We are thrilled and incredibly grateful to be included in June’s issue of COSMO UK! Thank you, thank you a thousand times over! 


Beauty is an Inside Job // Exclusive In-Depth Interview with Bonus Recipe + Beauty Picks //


Most of us stretch ourselves thin; working, friendships, family, events, meetings, visitors, travel… the list goes on and on (and sometimes on again!), wearing on us physically and emotionally, hurting our immune systems, dulling our skin, encouraging skin ailments like stress and hormonal acne, increasing aging, and leaving us as lesser-versions of our incredible selves. We’re getting to the bottom of how to feel and look our best through thriving, oppose to simply surviving. read more